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The Most Popular Styles Of Lace Wigs

With the development of hair extensions business and the need for diversity in hair, more and more kinds of hair extensions appear in our daily life. The most obvious is the variety of lace wig. Here we briefly introduce a few of the most popular lace wigs:

The first and most common lace is natural hair wigs--Swiss lace wigs. The most basic is brown lace, which is the best lace from Swiss. Normally brown lace is proper for the skin of most customers.

Then is Invisible Lace Wig, which is the same level with brown lace, but more popular for light skin people. Invisible lace matches skin well and will show skin color well. When people wear invisible, it looks natural and pretty, especially the lace part connected forehead.

Then base on invisible lace wigs, HD Lace Wigs is more invisible and more solid because its lace part is more elastic. Therefore, HD lace wigs have higher quality requirements on lace and more three-dimensional and real use effect. Out of question, there was a time when HD lace wigs become more and more popular.

According to this, Alipearl company designs a new product LY lace wigs, compared with HD lace wigs, LY Lace wigs have a more full density on lace part and its knots are more invisible. Professional lace with Invisible knots looks more natural, vivid and denser. Twice knots as many as standard lace three times the hand-making time of standard lace. Skin melt lace looks like realistic, more natural softer and thinner, match various skin colors. Professional wig construction connected 3D lace with great ductility and elasticity, fit your head perfectly as well bigger lace part on both sides. With more authentic and natural lace positioning and quality, it once became the most popular product among Alipearl hair company lace wigs.

In the meantime, Fake Scalp Wig is a new popular product. Pre-made Fake Scalp Wig, its front part is breathable and protective, free from wear and tear. Then no plucking need, no bleaching needed, no cornrow needed and no wig cap needed, are unique features of the new lace wig. Invisible knots, extra layers protective, natural hairline, make fake scalp wigs so popular with customers.

These above lace wigs also have some commonalities. All of them are made according to our true skin with the best Swiss, which makes all lace wigs more natural like our own skin and hairline. All the appearance and existence of all lace wigs represent the need for beauty.

It's not hard to pick the one that suits you best but we all should know about these kinds of lace wigs before we choose which one to buy. It is also possible that some people will slowly try to buy all of them with time going by and choose the one that suits them best. However, keeping up with the trend of The Times and being on the cutting edge of fashion can make you stand out from the crowd. Hope above to these a few kinds of different types of popular lace and lace wigs simple introductions, more let you find the product that suits yourself quickly, enjoy the beauty that lace wigs bring you.

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