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Tips for healthy hair

When we glance other people's hair,Shiny , smooth, without the slightest split, do you feel envious?Wouldn't you wish you had the same beautiful and shiny hair?If you're envious, then come with me to see what we can do to get healthy long hair.

Wash your hair in time

We should generally maintain the frequency of shampooing for 2-3 days. If we don't wash our hair for a long time, the oil secreted by the scalp will clog the pores, easily make the scalp itchy, and cause hair loss.In order to better maintain our hair, we should keep washing our hair in time, keep our scalp clean, and reduce the oil attached to the hair roots.

Go for a salon every 2-3 months

Naturally,The end of the hair may become bifurcations and dryness. If we do not care it in time, the bifurcation will become larger and larger,which will affect the Quality of hair.So, you can go to the Salon every 2-3 months for a trim of about half an inch to an inch onceso that regular trimming will remove all your damaged hair and make your hair healthier and shinier. 

At the same time, you don't have to worry about cutting too much, the hair grows very quickly, on average, it grows half an inch every month, so if you cut half an inch every three months,you still have an inch of hair, Don’t worry to cut your hair.


Don't over brush your hair

Over-brushing is bad for your lace wig because it can cause more damage and more split ends when you brush, unless your hair is badly tangled, you really don't need to brush it. Generally, we recommend that before washing your hair, when the hair is dry, brush it, and then let the hair dry naturally after washing, never over-brushing.

Go to bed early

There are many disadvantages of staying up late, it is easy to lose hair, damage the function of body organs, affect the normal beating of the heart, and Be shorter. Therefore, in order to promote the healthy growth of hair, we should go to bed early and get up early and stay up late.

Trying to not color your hair or bleach your hair

The chemicals in the hair dye will cause certain damage to hair. Even if the merchants claim that their drugs are expensive and the damage to the hair is limited, it will still cause irreversible damage such as dry hair and split ends.

Taking vitamins 

Vitamins can supplement the elements that are lacking in our body, and sometimes some minor ailments in our body are caused by lack of vitamins. When we lack vitamin B6 in our body, the hair may become oily, and it will cause a lot of hair loss; when we lack vitamin C in our body, there may be symptoms such as poor appetite, easy fatigue, and unresponsiveness. We can take vitamins regularly to supplement the elements that our body lacks. 

In addition, we also need to eat more vegetables and achieve a balanced nutrition. Only by eating a healthy diet can our body be healthier and the corresponding hair can grow healthily.

Using curl irons as little as possible

To take better care of our hair. When we want to style straight hair, we can use a hot hair dryer instead of the straight clip, which can achieve the effect of straight hair and less damage to the hair. When we need to do curly hair styling, we can tie our hair into a twist braid ,sleep overnight, then we can get a satisfactory curly hair effect.

When you have to straighten your hair with a perm, go at least 2 months between perms, as straightening your hair too often can make it brittle. When heating your hair, apply heat protect to reduce the damage to your hair.

Drinking water and getting enough protein

Our hair contains a lot of moisture and protein. To have shiny hair, you must drink enough water. How much water is enough? We usually think that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, that is, the daily water intake needs to be maintained at 1500-2000ml.

Many people, especially women, don't get enough protein because of picky eaters. Without enough protein in your body, your hair can also get damaged and start to split ends. That's why we recommend drinking a protein shake or trying to include more protein in your diet, such as beans, meat, dairy or eggs.

Reduce friction in hair

When you sleep It is best to tie your hair up to minimize friction between your hair and pillows and sheets. Too much friction can dry out your hair, cause severe split ends, lose its original shine, and cause severe hair tangles.

Don‘t use shampoos that contain sodium chloride and sulfate.

Sulfates are surfactants in shampoos. It includes ammonium laureth sulfate SLS, sodium laureth sulfate and other ingredients SLES. When using this type of shampoo for a long time, it will easily destroy the natural oil barrier of the scalp due to its strong cleaning ability, leaving the scalp Water loss and damaged hair proteins inhibit healthy growth of hair follicles, leading to premature hair loss, and long-term dioxane residues are also carcinogenic. So when we buy a shampoo or conditioner, it's best to read the ingredient list to make sure it doesn't contain either.

Today's blog ends here. I believe that after this blog, you have a certain understanding of how to protect your hair. If you have any other confusion about wigs, please leave a message in the comment area below or contact us Alipearl in time. We will answer your questions in detail, our Alipearl is always there! See you next time!

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