Everybody’s I mean today I’m coming on here to do a hair or you tell that sensorial if you got it ,today I’m going to be doing some affordable hair and the style that i wanted to do with something like sleek simple so the hair we’re gong to be showing you guys today is from Ali pearl hair ,your hair will come in a box like this now.

I learn a lot of systems of this company ,i did you our research before i decided to work with this company and they have a lot of good attorneys on YouTube ,so I decided to go with fair Brazilian Hair and i have already made my wish i had a little piece of hair left just to show you guys how to here at love ,you know what it was the moving on the Box ,all that this stuff here is going to look like this is really nice and really smooth ,the hair is school comes the group all the way down and we get pretty decent bundles ,this is like a half wonder that i have left and the Western looks really little hair is no you know getting beers or anything like also notice how like a silky the hair field ,now i am sure if you are going for something more silky ,but what i am going by the super super straight look i really like a silky texture ,the hair comes internations dark dark brown colors are the one we are really becoming and i am happy about it what so here is my unit that i made and this unit was made with a thirteen by six console ,i am starting to really love 13 rustic serrles a lot more because you get all the part in space and it is what i need are just a lot more part in space ,i am just i really love on the dressing up sticks lentils and hair classed was very easy to bleach the knock came out absolutely perfect and it was a issue i was noticing, but the lot of the Aliexpress company the were lifting our lives Medicare in my human.

I know Co watch this hair you do get some type of slight wave to it it is not ball ball straight i am going to do ahead and top ,this week i am gong to pull it down and drill a down or anything like that i certainly made this unit just like a top one off of my head ,so un i was my baby hairs are brushed back we will put this car i am my bany hair the first bad little roll is that out with this put the last one flatulating down look at that this wigs is nice and tough fix will be will and i am sitting like i can do anything this is an athletic come and see all the perties ,i have is like it is so much hard to say it is so much party place so much like it goes all the way back there i have to cut just a little bit about estimated you know the length like their hair comes really long that i use 28 same level 32 look ,i have not sure my dear cousin which is tool too wise for me but this is what hits me right on Billy but unless i am gonna straighten this hair i want to have it nice a really sleek look as you guys can see the hair definitely has no texture after washing, you do not want to like show you here okey guys how Lily flat ironing my hair with this i read by kids silicon Silas can either watch me for some years ,you know i this is like 2012 everything and work really fluid um so strain expansion have these little eggs in there kind of grin up to here and get this tree.

So i have to wear this interval while i got, because i need to test out the tankless on long hair like this and i can not say you guys ,i thinks i have bad news tangles i hace got a few tangles like um how long the sides a little bit abundance of benign things is one where you know to hair is unwearable ,now what is will to say is when you get this here i do suggest doing a deep conditioning treatment like after you wanted to ha ,because it gets a little bit dry there is a little bit dry the whole thing ,i do not think i got kind of dry as far as shedding our parents like no shitting my hair does not shit at all at does not you know all you got and it really really good it up like this is a very simple beat up and go style ,this is going to be for the girl who does not want to do blood suger here at all oh.