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When you are buying hair extensions or hair bundles , the sellers say their hair bundles are “double drawn” . Do you know what does this mean? Unlike double drawn, do you know about single drawn? OK, let’s talk about the difference between them. After reading this article, maybe you will know which one do you prefer ......

1 . Firstly, what is single drawn ? what is double drawn ?

Single drawn hair is collected from one donor and then is made into a weft. So you are going to get both long hair and shorter hair mixed together in one bundle. That means that the bundle will be thick and full at the top and thin at the ends. For example, If you buy a 20 inch single drawn hair bundle, you will get half bundle of 20 inches hair. And another half bundle will contain about 16 -18 inches hair .  

So what is double drawn? Double drawn bundles are more expensive than single drawn as the more processes required. The workers pick out the short hair strand by strand and cut the hair ends. And then the hair will be placed in a weft. We also take 20 inches double drawn bundle as an example, it is very thick from top to ends, as the majority(70%-80% ) of the hair is full 20 inches.

2.The difference between single drawn and double drawn

A.Material resource

Normally, single drawn hair comes from one donor. But double drawn hair always comes from 2-3 donors’ hair. It cannot be made from single donor hair, because of its whole full look from top to end. 

B.Wearing look

Single drawn hair looks similar as most of our natural hair looks. It is thick at the root and thinner at the ends. There are some short hair which are shorter than the length of the whole extension. So the ends will have natural tapered appearance.

Double drawn hair avoids many short hair in one bundle. As 70%-80% of the hair extension is of equal length from top to bottom. It brings you a very smooth and healthy look.

C.Hair price

Because of the difference of hair resource and making process, the double drawn hair is more expensive than single drawn.

3.Advantages /disadvantages between Single drawn and double drawn

Single drawn

Advantages : The price of single drawn hair is cheaper than the double drawn hair . The wearing look is natural .

Disadvantages: The top is thicker than ends, the whole length is short than double drawn hair.

 Double drawn

Advantages: It has equal length from top to bottom. Bring you a smooth and full look. Double drawn hair have more volume than single drawn hair.

Disadvantages : The price is more expensive than single drawn.

4.Which one do you prefer?

Both double drawn hair and single drawn hair have pros and cons. Which is better? It is up to you. If you want to get a natural looking and affordable price, you can buy single drawn hair. If you think the full and healthy looking is more important to you , the double drawn is your right choice. BUT if you want a full and healthy look, but also want an affordable price, please check Alipearl Hair. You’ll get superior quality double drawn hair with super affordable price here!



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