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How to dye a lace wig

When you buy a wig, you may be tempted by the color of the wig, but after you see the real thing, you may find that the color of the wig is not suitable for you, but an ordinary wig is not cheap. It is a great waste if it is idle. Or you have been using this wig for a long time, but over time, fashion and aesthetics are changing, and the previous wig hair color may not be suitable for the current trend. When these situations arise, dyeing the wig is a good way to change the color of the wig. This method can dye the original wig into the color that is popular now or the color you want. If you want to know more details about coloring wigs, please keep reading.

Here's how to prepare your hair for coloring:

1.Care for the wig

Before dyeing, you need to take care of the wig. Fill a small spray bottle with purified water before dyeing, and then spray the wig wet. This is to add moisture to the wig. To reduce damage to the wig caused by the subsequent dye job, you need to apply a deep conditioner to the wig and rinse the wig after an hour.

2.Dry the wig

Make sure your wig is completely dry before dyeing, if you have time, squeeze the wig with a towel and wait for it to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can use a cold air hair dryer. In general, we do not recommend using a hair dryer, because it is easy to cause dry and frizzy wigs.

3.Divide the hair into 4-6 sections

After the hair is dry, comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb, comb from bottom to top to reduce tangles, then comb the hair from front to back with a wide-tooth comb, and then divide the hair into 4-6 sections with a rat-tail comb , to facilitate the subsequent dyeing work.

After preparations are complete. You'll need hairspray, disposable gloves, mannequin heads, T-pins, newspaper, brushes, and conditioner.

1.Mixed hair dye

You need to mix according to the instructions on the hair dye bottle. Remember not to do it arbitrarily. You need to wear gloves when mixing the hair dye, because the chemicals in the hair dye will have a bad effect on the skin. In addition , if the hair dye you purchased is permanent, you will also need to mix it with the developer according to the instructions.

2.Protect lace

First, you'll need to place your wig on the model's head and secure it with T-nails to keep the wig from running around. If you don't have a mannequin head, the same goes for putting it in a newspaper. Then use a comb to comb the hair from front to back, starting from the hairline, and then you can apply Vaseline to the lace in a thin layer. Furthermore, you can also use hairspray to protect the lace, spray a lot of hairspray in front of the wig lace, then blow dry it with a hair dryer for 30 minutes, which will give a layer of protection to the lace.

3.Apply hair dye

Put the wig on the model's head, and apply it according to the divisions we did on the hair before. Finish this part first, and then apply the next part. You can apply it by hand or with a brush, and apply it evenly by hand . Remember to wear gloves if applying by hand. And you need to pay attention that the brush for applying hair dye should not be too close to the lace. Although we have applied hairspray or Vaseline to protect the lace, if the hair dye is too close to the lace, the lace will still be damaged unpredictably. If there is no mannequin head, spread a lot of thick newspaper on the table, and then put the wig on the table to complete the above operations.

4.Rinse wig

Leave the wig with hair dye applied for 20-60 minutes according to the instructions. You can set an alarm clock and check the coloring of the hair after the time. If the coloring effect is good, you can rinse the wig with water. Wash the wig with shampoo, as this can easily discolor the wig. In the process of washing the wig, try to use running water to rinse it, and avoid putting the front of the wig lace and the back of the wig that has been dyed in the pool for cleaning to prevent the wig lace from being dyed. When the dripping water on the wig clears, the wig has been rinsed clean!

5.Condition and dry hair

After washing your hair, you can apply conditioner to condition your hair again. Let it stand for about 3 minutes, then rinse off the conditioner, then squeeze the moisture on the wig with a towel, and place the wig in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

Well, here is the end of our How to Dye a Lace Wig .If you have any needs, please contact us in Alipearl in time, and we will do our best to help you choose the right wig, I wish you a happy life, see you next time!


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