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How to choose their own wig

Most of us know that lace frontals wigs are primarily meant for individuals suffering from hair loss, while the full lace wigs can be used both by normal people and people experiencing hair loss. However, thats not the only criterion you should keep in mind when choosing your hair. You should also consider factors like color of hair, its make, and the shape of your face

You should always pick a hair color that you will feel confident in. Similarly, it’s also recommended that you opt for virgin hairfor ensuring complete safety. It’s also entirely up to you whether you will pick Indian hair, Brazilian hair, or Malaysian hair. However, the process of picking the right wig according to the shape of you face is far more complex. The discussion below would surely make it simpler for you. 

Oval face- Oval is surely the most common face shape women has. Women with oval face have their jaw line, cheekbones, chin, and forehead perfectly balanced and aligned. As expected, the lengths of these faces are more than their widths. As everything about an oval face is so proportional, oval-faced women look great in all possible wig hairstyles. They might go for long or short hair, straight or brazilian body wave and can look amazingly attractive. 

Round face- A woman with a round face has a face that’s relatively broad and short and boasts rounded contours. Usually, the cheekbones are the widest portion of round faces. 

The primary goal of a round-faced woman must be picking a wig that would make her face appear thinner. That would be possible if she can add some height to her crown. However, she should not end up adding a few centimeters at her ears as that would increase the width of her face even further. For this face type , you should opt for wigs that are short and have layers. Wigs with an off-center parting have also been found to be instrumental in making a face look less round. Round-faced women can also opt for wigs with hair length greater that the chin length. 

Diamond face- Women with this face shape boast a narrow forehead and chin and their cheekbones are notably wide. To prevent the cheekbones from looking even wider, these women should wear a wig that wouldn’t add any volume to their cheek line; they should try wigs that would make their chin look fuller. Another great wig style for women with diamond shaped face would be wigs boasting the bob hairstyle. Wigs with bangs or fringes covering the slender forehead can also be tried. 

Some hair stylists believe that wigs adding substantial volume at the wearer’s hairline instead of just offering coverage are great at hiding the flaws of a diamond face. Such wigs make the wearer’s forehead appear wider and also add volume to the area between her forehead and cheekbones. Shoulder-length wigs boasting stylish layered cuts, on the other hand, can make diamond faces look more oval. 

Square face- A woman is said to have a square face when she has broad cheekbones and forehead along with an almost equally wide chin. Such faces have prominent square jaw lines and hairlines. Like round faces, these faces also need wigs that add some height to the crown, but narrow down the sides. Such wig styles make the face look much slender than it originally is. For ensuring that the wig picked by you would add height to your crown, you must make sure that the week you are buying would allow you to comb your hair off your forehead exposing it more. 

Square-faced women can also opt for wigs that would help them in softening the angles of their face. Long or mid-length curly wigs would be great choices for flattering square faces. One wig type that these women should avoid is wig featuring a single length of hair all through it. 

Heart face- Individuals with heart-shaped face possess a wide cheekbone, forehead, and eye area. However, their chin remains prominently pointed. This gives their face a triangle shape. A large number of women with heart face possess a widow’s peak on their forehead. 

The best wig types for these women would be the ones that would bring some hair on their forehead. Their wigs must also have more volume near the jaw and in front and below the earlobes. 

If you have a heart-shaped face, you might also try wigs boasting the famous pageboy style i.e. wigs with long, subtle layers. Such wigs will make your jaw look much wider improving the shape of your face. Women with heart face should avoid wearing wigs with choppy layers and short hair. 

Pear face- You will rarely come across women with a pear-shaped face. These faces are widest around the jaw line and chin and narrowest at the forehead and hairline. If you are one of those rare women, who possess a pear face, go for a wig offering your head a full-layered appearance. Those wigs would add width to your forehead and eye area and thereby make your face look more proportionate. One wig style that should never be tried by women with pear-shaped face is a jaw length wig featuring a regular blunt cut. The primary goal of these women should be accentuating the upper half of their face revealing the forehead and drawing away attention from their jaw line. The collection of Alipearl Hair includes a series of options for women with pear face. 

Oblong face- A woman is said to possess an oblong face if all parts of her face, from top to bottom, are equally narrow. In other words, these women have narrow forehead, cheekbone area, and jaw line. These women should ideally go for wigs that would add some fullness and width on the sides of their face. Opting for wigs featuring waves and soft curls would be a good idea. Those wigs other than making the face look wider would also reduce its vertical length.  Women with oblong face should strictly stay away from wigs featuring short layers as they would make their face look even longer by adding height to their crown. 

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