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How to bleach knots

How to make wigs more natural? This is something every wig wearer will consider. There are many ways to make wigs natural, such as do baby hair, choose 100% human hair wigs and the bleach knots that will be mentioned in this article today. If you don't know the specific method of bleach knots, then today's article Blogs are great for you to read.

What is knots?

In order to make the wig as natural as it grows naturally, ventilation technology is generally used when making lace wigs, and the hair is tied to the lace. At this time, knots will be formed. The knots can help the hair to adhere more closely to the wig, so that It can reduce the fall of the wig. There are generally two types of knots in wigs, single knot and double knot. Single knot means that there is only one hair on a knot, which is smaller in size and usually appears on the front hairline of the wig. Double knot is a knot with two or more hairs, larger in size, usually appear about 2 inches behind the wig's hairline.

Why need to bleach knots?

So why do knots need to be bleached? Because the knot looks very unnatural. When the color of the wig is darker, the knot is more obvious, it looks like lace of small black dots. But if the wig is lighter in color, you don't need to bleach the knot because it won't look as noticeable. However, in addition to making the wig more natural, bleaching knots also have many disadvantages. Unbleached wigs are not easy to fall off, and the hair lasts longer, but the knots are more obvious. If you don’t mind not bleaching at all, bleached wigs, although they have been treated, will also cause damage to the hair. Reduce the lifespan of the wig. You can also leave the knots unbleached if you are afraid of damaging the wig. You can use concealer and liquid foundation to cover the obvious knots, so that the color of the knots is honey-colored, which is more in line with the color of your scalp and looks more natural.

How to do?

Next, we'll offer some ways to help you about how to bleach knots . Then you could get a natural-looking wig that's more comfortable to wear.Mixing bowl, bleaching powder, developer, Gloves, aluminum foil, shampoo ,conditioner and brush. The above mentioned are all you need to prepare.

1.Mix bleach and developer together

You need to mix bleach and developer in a ratio of 1:1, then use a brush or plastic spoon to stir until thick, make sure that it will not penetrate when you apply it to the knot. If it is too thin, adding bleach accordingly; if it is too thick, adding developer in an appropriate amount. Before applying the bleach mixture, you need to spray the roots with water. When the water is left on the root of the wig, the water will protect the root of the wig from the damage of the bleach, which can better protect the wig.

2.Apply the bleach mixture

When the bleach and developer are blended until thick and not free-flowing, you can wear gloves and use a brush to apply the mixture to the front hairline, being careful not to coat the entire hair. At the same time, you can lightly apply the bleach mixture to the knot, and try to avoid applying it to the root of the wig, which can reduce the damage to the wig. Next all you need to do is cover the bleached knot with foil.

3.Let stand for 15-30 minutes

Under normal circumstances, it takes 30 minutes to bleach the knot, but you still need to check the bleaching condition of the hair during this time, because some wigs may be special, and the knot can be bleached in 20 minutes. To avoid over-bleaching your hair, you need to check in from time to time. When the knot on the wig is honey-colored, it means that it has been bleached.

4.Rinse bleached knots

When the knots on the bleached wig have turned honey blonde, you can rinse the wig. Rinse off any chemicals like bleach attached to it with purple shampoo before applying conditioner. This is to ensure that the wig is still supple when it dries. After washing, you can choose to squeeze the wig with a towel to dry, or place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. So far, your wig has been successfully bleached !However, sometimes due to mistakes, over-bleaching may occur.

Here we provide the following solutions:

1. Using mascara

This method works for you as a temporary remedy, you can apply mascara to the overly bleached areas and let it air dry for a much more natural look.

2. Using hair dye

Using hair dye can be tricky, just like you make a bleach mixture, follow the directions on the instructions on the hair dye, mix the hair dye, then apply the mixture to the over-bleached areas, let it sit for 30 minutes, then use water wash off. Then apply the conditioner, leave the conditioner for about 5 minutes, and then wash it off.This over-bleaching problem will be solved!

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