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How to apply a lace front wig

The lace front wig is one of the most popular of all wig types because of its flexibility and convenience . At the same time, it looks as natural . The lace at the front mimics a natural hairline , allowing you to pull the wig away from your face in a variety of hairstyles . Applying a lace front wig is easy and fast. This blog will tell you what you need to do before using a lace wig, how to wear a lace wig correctly and most efficiently, and how to take care of your hair after using it . It is very important for your wig .


1.Test your skin

Since some people can be allergic to the chemicals used to secure wigs, be sure to test your skin before using these products.  You can apply a small amount of liquid glue or double-sided wig tape to the back of your hand and watch it for 24 hours, which is too short to see the effect. After 24 hours, if your skin is red or inflamed, indicating that you are allergic to these products and that these products are not suitable for you, choose anti-allergy adhesive and wig tape.  Always wear a wig as long as you ensure your skin will not be affected.

2. Smooth natural hair

To make a wig look natural and easy to wear, you need to make sure your natural hair is flat before wearing it.  You can choose to braid your hair into any flat shape like corn steak. If you don't know how to braid your hair, follow the Alipearl Hair past blog.  You can also use gel or bobby pins to hold your hair in place, although this may only work for short hair . If you are long hair, a low ponytail and a flat ponytail may be easier to pin. There are also many tutorials on YouTube for different hair lengths so you can choose one that you like and that works for you.

3. Wear a wig cap or sock cap

Wig caps and stocking caps are soft , and help flatten your hair while helping to hold it in place. You can gently pull up the wig cap or long hair cap, being careful not to mess up your braided hair.  Make sure your wig cap or sock cap is above, not over, your hairline . If you have little or no hair, you can skip this step altogether, as the wig cap or sock cap can wiggle around your head and interfere with the rest of your work . If you have a lot of hair, make sure it's all inside the hat.

 4. Skin care

Always clean your skin with a mild cleanser before wearing a wig or applying glue, then dry with a towel.  There will be excess oil on the skin, so you can apply some rubbing alcohol and rub it along your hairline.  If you have sensitive skin, you can apply a layer of scalp protection serum after cleansing, rubbing alcohol, and letting it dry completely.


1.Test wig size

Before fixing your wig, you need to make sure your wig is the right size.  Align the wig with the natural hairline, and if there is an adjustment band inside the wig, adjust the adjustment band to fit your head so that the wig fits on your head.  If you feel a strong squeeze on your scalp, it's too tight , loosen the tape slightly. If it moves around your head, it's too loose and you need to tighten the tape. Do not adjust to take and do not suit your head circumference when, you need to contact a businessman for the first time to undertake return change, do not make do with use.

2.Trimmed lace

If your wig is the right size for your head, you need to start trimming the lace. This step is very important and will directly affect how realistic your wig looks. Use a couple of tongs to push the excess hair behind your head, then use sharp scissors to trim the lace along the hairline, leaving about 3mm of lace . Some wigs may have little extra lace, so you don't need to trim them before you wear them.

 3. Apply wig tape

 After trimming the lace, carefully remove the wig and place it on a clean surface.  Cut 6 to 10 pieces of wig tape and press the sticky side of the wig against the skin. Use small pieces of tape to line the hairline in a row. Do this in front of a mirror to ensure the hairline is balanced. After sticking the tape, remove the thick foam pad to expose the other side of the tape. Make sure all of the pieces are touching, otherwise the hairline will have loose gaps.

4. Use a liquid adhesive

Of course, if you don't want to use a wig band, liquid lace glue is fine.  Use a clean brush to apply evenly along the hairline and wait a few minutes for the gel to dry before wearing the wig.  The amount of time you'll need to wait depends on the adhesive you're using. If it's soft, you'll need to let it dry enough to get sticky before putting on the wig. If you're using a hard adhesive, you'll be able to wear the wig in no time.

5.Apply the wig

The wig can be worn after the previous work is done . First you need to adjust the edge of the wig so that it matches your hairline so that it looks like your natural hair. Then you need to attach the lace edge of the wig to the wig band or liquid glue.  Make sure the wig is perfectly aligned with your head before doing this, as the lace edge will be difficult to remove once it comes into contact with the glue.  Finally, you can use wide-tooth combs, wig brushes and other products to comb your hair and create the look you want.

Care and storage

1.Take off the wig

When you need to take off the wig, be careful not to pull it off by pulling on the lace, which can seriously damage your wig.  You can use a special wig binder remover or regular baby oil, apply it to the adhesive or tape area, and rub your fingers back and forth along the hairline until the lace is lifted from the scalp.

2.Clean wigs regularly

Usually you should wash your wig after using it 8-10 times. Don't wash it too often. This will damage your wig and you should pay attention to its cleanliness. First of all, avoid tangles in your hair, which will be difficult to manage over time. You can use a wide tooth comb and other tools to comb your wig immediately after using it.  Next, you can clean with warm water , shampoo and conditioner. But if your wig is a synthetic wig, a special shampoo or conditioner will work better for your wig . After you've finally dried your wig, place it in a wig rack and comb it again. This will last your wig for months. You can also check out Alipearl Hair's blog for specific cleaning tips.

3.Storage of wig

How a wig is stored after use can make a big difference in how long it lasts, so if you need it again at a short time, you can put it directly on the wig rack.  If you don't need to use it for a while, you can place it in a wig box, wig bag , or enclosed space.

In conclusion, the longivity of a wig depends on many of the above factors, and you should take good care of your wig in order to make it last longer.

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