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Hair Care Methods

How to Maintain Water Wave Wig Properly?

The water wave wig uses less hair, provides a fuller and more voluminous look, has a highly natural and realistic appearance, it can meet the needs of different age groups and has been one of our popular products.

However, some customers give us feedback that their water wave hair has become a bit frizzy and dry after using it for a period of time. Now, we're going to take you through the main causes of dry and frizzy hair, also provide some hair care tips and some suggestions on restoring lost elasticity wigs and how to repair damaged human hair wigs.

What causes your water wave wig to get dry?

Your scalp can naturally produce an oil called sebum, which helps keep the natural moisture in your hair. But the wig doesn’t attach to your scalp, it is not getting the oils and nourishment it should get, so finally cause nutrient loss and the hair gets dry.

However, there are more reasons to cause human wigs dry, such as washing too often, using sulfate or paraben shampoo and when the hair exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period, also if you sleep with wig, friction between pillowcases and wigs may also cause hair to get dry, shedding or damage.

How to make your hair get rid of tangles & snags?

Detangle & brush out the hair first

Detangling the hair is an important step firstly, cause if you comb the hair directly, the hair may be pulled off, you can put some conditioner or natural oil on your hands and then detangle all hair.

Then pls use the wide tooth comb (don’t use the paddle brush) to brush out the hair,  if you encounter knots, we recommend gripping the hair shaft, then brush the hair starting with the ends, two inches at a time, once that section is free of knots and tangles, move further up the hair shaft and brush down again. Repeat the procedure, clearing tangles, until you brush the full wig. You can apply a solution composed of equal parts water and conditioner to the trouble spot if the knots are persistent, then clear tangles.

Clean your wig

Use the sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo to wash the hair, keep any dirt removed, and don’t rub your hair abrasively, add shampoo directly to the hair from the bottom and gently blister your wig, let the water run in the same direction as the hair when washing it or just dip the hair in/out in a small container (this can avoid knotting) until the hair is clean.

Keep your wig moisturized by using conditioner

after washing the wig, put hair conditioner on your water wave wig, and ensure every strand is covered. Put more conditioner on the ends of the wig and the neck back, because these areas are usually the easiest to lack moisture and get dry, after 5-10 minutes, rinse out the conditioners and finish with cold water to close the cuticle of the hair.

Store your wigs

When you don't wear a wig and take it off, don't throw it around. Place your human wigs on the head of the mannequins or on the wig holder to avoid knotting.

Where to get high-quality water wave wigs?

Alipearl hair website offers pre-plucked high-quality water wave human hair wigs at affordable prices, well received by customers. Don’t hesitate to get your favorite wig now!

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