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How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Most women like wearing Hair Bundles in daily life, but do you know how to make your hair extensions look natural? Today we are going to share some tips to help you use hair extensions to achieve very natural looking effects that like your own Brazilian Hair.

Choose the closest hair color to your own hair color
The different woman has different hair color, if you want to make your Brazilian Hair Bundles look very natural, the color of your hair extensions is also a factor that can't be ignored. In order not to feel guilty, please let your extensions color close to your own hair as well as possible. Our hair extensions are multi-colored to make sure everyone can choose the nearest color to your own hair color. Whatever you are a brunette or blonde hair extensions all can find the most suitable hair color. Of course, if you want to have two or more hair shade you can choose more colored hair extensions to help you blend hair extensions with your hair, then make your hair extensions look natural.

Choose suitable hair length
Sometimes we can see some girls wear very long hair extensions but look noticeable because their hair extensions length isn't suitable. If your own hair length is 8 inch, 10 inch or 12-inch short length hair is the best choice. If you like longer hair length quickly and naturally, my suggestion is to choose the hair extensions that longer 2 inches than your own hair, this will look very nice. But If now you are very short hair, and want to have long hair, you could choose any length clip in hair extensions.

Use clip in hair extensions correctly
If you want to make your hair extensions look natural, learn to know to use the clip in hair extensions correctly is very helpful. This way is easy and confident. 2-3 pieces clip in hair extensions is enough for a natural looking. Put the hair on the back of your head, then clip the hair usually we start with the back add clip-in hair and one by one to nicely layered, add to the head top is the final step, In this process need the clip in hair very close to our head skin and backcomb our own hair can look full, and also can make the clip in hair track is not obvious and nicely. When you finished adding the clip in hair extensions you can use a hair straightener to make your hair straight, if you want other hair hairstyles, just do it.

Finally, if you have a very important appointment and it will be too short for you to made hair extensions by yourself, this case you need to find a professional hair stylist, this can help you save time and save your money. So find a professional stylist make your hair extensions look natural also important.

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