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How To Expand The Life Of Your Human Hair Wig?

If you want to purchase a human hair wig, of course, you want the hair stay a long time. However, did you ever consider carefully how to expand your human hair wig life? Now let me introduce you the following steps and help you keep your human hair wig for a long time.

1 The Hair You Choose

In the market, there are many different brands of hair. At first, make sure you purchase a really good hair wig that the hair can last for a long time. How to choose a hair wig with good quality? Hair material In general, there are mainly two kinds of hair: one is true hair, the other one is man-made hair. Only the true hair can be restyled and bleached well. Our Alipearl Hair are all 100% human hair. So it’s a good choice to purchase hair here.

Hair types

The less the hair has been styled, the longer it will last. So compared with other hair waves, like curly hair, natural wave hair, the straight hair is most easy to care and stay for a long time.straighthairwig

Hair length

The shorter length hair can stay longer than the longer length hair. That’s because the longer the hair is, the more friction there is between the hair and the fabric. And it is more likely to lead to being worn.hairwave

Hair color

Natural colors require no process, while lighter colors or other pre-colored hair needs quite a process. This also will impact the lifespan of your human hair wigs. However, processed hair can also last a long time with proper care. Here are two most popular color lace frontal wigs: Blonde straight wig and 99J body wave wig.blondstraihthair


2 The Ways You Maintain

You have to maintain your wig carefully if you want to be able to use it for a long period of time.

How to wash

Don’t wash your wig too many times. You can just wash it before you wear it at the first time. And usually you needn’t wash it frequently.

How to style

Don’t restyle your wig too many times. If you are not familiar with the skills, we recommend you to find a hairstylist help you.

How to store

Put the wigs in a tool head when you put it off. Because this way can keep the good style of the hair. Or put the wig in the net if you don’t wear it several days. In this way it can keep the hair wave and keep the hair clean.

3 The Environment You Are In

Strong light, temperature, pollution and dust can shorten the life of your hair if your hair is exposed to them for a long time. Or when you met wind and dust storms, it can also damage your hair and you have to wash it.

Finally, hope these tips are helpful for you!


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