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How To Care For Your Wig In Autumn

For wig wearers, hair care is an unavoidable part of us. If you wear wigs all four seasons, which season do you take better care of your hair? You might say summer and winter. Hair can become frizzy or brittle in heat or cold. But also do not neglect the autumn that place is in now, autumn needs to spend time to maintain wigs likewise, what ability maintains a hair is moist and soft. This article will talk about the factors that can hurt your hair and how to take care of your wig in Autumn.

Factors That Hurt Your Wigs:

1. Clothes In summer, when the weather is hot, light and breathable clothes are our first choice. Silk and tulle fabrics are very common. When hair length is below shoulder length, it reduces the area of contact and friction with clothing. But in autumn, when the weather turns cooler, we change into collared jackets and coats. If your hair is too long, such as in a ponytail, the collar will rub against the nape of the wig and your hair will be coarser than before in the long run.

2. The Way Wigs Get Dry In summer, when the temperature is high, an air-drying wig is our common practice. As the temperature cools in autumn, the rate of air drying slows down with the temperature. Especially for women with long, thick hair, this is where a hair dryer comes in handy. But because of the frequent use of heating tools such as hair dryers, the hair tends to thin and break.

3. Stuffy Weather The temperature in autumn is not as stable as the weather in summer and winter. Because it is in a short-term transition phase, the weather changes in autumn are not regular, cold, or warm, as time goes by, the weather will get harder and colder. But before winter’s footsteps fully set in, the autumn weather can be summed up as stuffy. People’s moods also become depressed with the weather, and hair tends to become increasingly dry and itchy.

Four Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair:

1. Change Your Hairstyles Most of us wear our hair long in autumn to stay warm and comfortable, but it’s more practical to change the texture of your clothes. If you’re warm enough, you can try a shorter, more stylish hairstyle. A Bob wig is a hairstyle worth trying. Ali pearl's website offers a variety of colors, curls, and lace styles. Or tie your hair up and turn a long ponytail into a bun to keep your hair neat and reduce the area of contact with your clothing to reduce friction. A lace frontal wig and a full lace wig can be pulled up into a bun to suit your needs.

2. Condition Your Wig Regularly In dry autumn weather, hair tends to lose water, making it appear dry and brittle. We recommend that you choose moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to provide the moisture your hair needs and keep it smooth and healthy. Also, use a cleansing formula that contains nutrients such as coconut oil to help replenish your hair’s natural water content and prevent future water loss.

3. Reduce The Frequency Of Using Heat Tools The heating tools mentioned here are not only hair dryers, but also flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers, all of which use high temperatures to briefly style hair and make it look beautiful. Frequent use of such tools is harmful to hair, there is a hidden danger of hair loss. It's also impractical to do away with heating tools altogether. What we can do is reducing the frequency with which we use them to avoid the severe damage and breakage that they can cause.

After reading about the factors that cause hair injuries and how to take care of wigs in autumn, I’m sure you already know how to deal with your hair problems. Autumn is a season we often ignore. Remember to keep your wig hydrated and brush your hair regularly to get rid of static and friction.

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