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How to choose a wig

New to Wigs? If you're unclear about how to zoom out styles and pick ones that will work best for you, we are here to help! Like selecting a clothes, choosing a wig requires some understanding and appreciation for details. Here are some experience can be for your reference: hair color, texture, density, and cap size.


First time wig wearers should insist to wig colors and styles that are close to their current style and color. This will help to get used to a slightly different look and will make the transition between styles more comfortable. If you want a natural look, choose the same shade as your natural hair, or a wig in same type. This is like what colors would be suitable. When in doubt, go slightly lighter as dark colors can overwhelm the face. Before buying, do some research about the different materials wigs are made from, as well as wig caps, heads, and underpinnings to find the best wig for you.

hair color


According to men and women, curly hair is the sexiest. The bounce in a women's curls is seductive and enticing. We also recommend opting for the Brazilian Straight if this is your first encounter with our extensions or even if you want maximum styling versatility with ease! In its natural state, straight hair is smooth, soft and luxurious. Brazilian virgin body wave hair will blend in perfectly with your natural hair. It is not easy to break as it is thick. Find your favorite hair an Alipearl hair!


Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard density is 180% which is Medium Density, however, your choice will depend on your styling preferences and personal circumstances. If you need thick hair you can choose 180% .But if you need more thicker or thinner hair we can also custom the 250% and 150% density for you.


Please match the lace color with your scalp rather not your skin tone. This is because when you part the closure or frontal, you want it to appear as your natural scalp color. There are two lace colors in Alipearl hair store,the light brown lace and the medium brown . So to check your scalp color - part your hair and look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color .


Althought middle size wigs tend to fit about most of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in small and large sizes. Consider that many also have adjustable straps that give up to 1/2" so that you can get a comfortable and safe fit.
In order to make sure the right size wig for you, measure the circumference of your head from the front to nape, ear to ear forehead, to the nape of your neck, to ear over top head, temple to temple round back. Jot down your measurement, then consult the table below. Please note that sizes may vary slightly by brand and that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.

wig size

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