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1. Why is my hair tangling? 

       ●Tangling comes from not properly caring for your hair. Hair Bundles or human hair wigs needs to be cared for just as you would care for your hair growing out the head. Brush hair from bottom up using light strokes, never hack hard at the hair, never start brushing from the middle of hair, as this will cause hair to become more tangled and come out from over pulling.

2. Why is the hair shedding?
        ●When hair is NEW out the package, ideally it’s best to advise the customer to shampoo first before wearing to remove any “loose hairs”. This should be done by creating a shampoo bath, dipping the hair in and out of a basin (refer to cleanse), and combing through with a wide tooth comb or wig detangling brush as shown above, then pulling a loose hairs that appear at the end of the unit or bundle.
       ●Hair shedding while wearing?
       1.Ask when was the last time the hair was shampooed, should be no more than 2 weeks if worn daily
       2.Also keep in mind how the customer has communicated how they care for the hair as well as the hair is technically stitched to a weft, so “some” loose hair coming out may occur. You can always advise to seal the weft before wearing to be preventative.
       3. What products were used if any?
           a.Curly hair definitely needs a heavy lotion based leave-in conditioner to tame curls or else like hair attached to the head, it will dry out, become brittle and shed. All hair needs to be conditioned and treated daily to maintain optimal results. You can always recommend a professional product Olaplex #6 while wet for all hair types.
           b.If the hair is really bad, recommend the Olaplex system as a treatment. Have them refer to www.olaplex.com for information on what and how to use the product.

3. How long will my bundles or wig unit last?
       ●The units and bundle can last up to 2 years, some even longer. Everyone cares for their units differently. The better care that is taken with the units, the longer the hair will last. When human hair extensions, lace front wigs units, closures or frontals are not being used, shampoo, condition, and store according to information under #4 traveling.

4. How do I store my hair when at home or when traveling?
       ●Traveling with a unit? NEVER stuff your wig in a bag. ALWAYS detangle first and place in a plastic zip lock bag. If hair is longer than the bag, pin curl the ends so the hair stays tamed, let all the air out the bag, seal, and go.
       Advise customers to place a wig unit on a mannequin head when not in use, also allowing long wig units to hang freely off the dresser or sit the mannequin head on a broomstick and place it in a corner to stand.

       *If hair is curly, give it a fresh shampoo/ condition as instructed above, apply leave-in conditioner, drip dry and store in a long plastic bag. DO NOT DETANGLE CURLS until you have reached your destination.**

5. Can the hair take color?
       ●Absolutely! But also keep in mind in order to achieve maximum desired results hair should be taken to a professional for various color achievements. ALIPEARL HAIR is not responsible for a bad color job or techniques. ALIPEARL HAIR tests the hair in-house daily for color and quality control. We assure customers when coloring hair that it will color and lift to desired results when done properly and correct measures are taken. The hair does not over-process unless like any natural hair it is not properly done. If color guidelines are followed the end results will be successful. You can always show color swatches of how well the hair can take to color by grade.

        Depending on the skill level of the stylist/ or person coloring the hair please keep in mind different results will happen, different products and approaches will result in different results. But overall, will the hair color YES!

Scenario #1 Master Skill level - Customer “A” frequently purchases #613 bundles and #613 blonde wigs units to achieve multicolored wig units (deposit only). The integrity of the hair is still intact allowing for varied styling techniques. Refer to pics below:

Scenario #2 Questionable Skill level - Customer “B” also frequently purchases #613 bundles and wigs units to achieve various shades of toned blond colors using toners (deposit only using low volume peroxide between 0-10). The integrity of the hair as shown in pic below has been compromised. The feel of the hair is brittle and dry not allowing for varied styling, no longer will the hair flow naturally unless treated to bring integrity back into the hair.

       Both pics above are the same 9A Grade hair (Indian) with different levels of experience. Both working on the same product but will end with “varied” results.

       ●EXPERIENCED Colorist or Hairstylist who truly understands the integrity of hair will be the best route to go. Overall it will alleviate them from having the color come out incorrectly,to then put the blame on ALIPEARL HAIR and the quality of the hair.
○Advise IN-experienced customers who may be apprehensive about coloring, or abrasive in their communication (you must pay attention to their hair language) that we are not responsible for their color outcome and again advise them the hair does take to color lifting and deposit.

Always use color samples as backup

       ●Bleaching the net - When bleaching the net use 20/30/40 peroxide. When using 20 it will take much longer than 30 or 40. 20 volume would be best suggested to use if they are new to bleaching knots to avoid mistakes. 30/40 volume would be best to suggest to someone with a higher skill-set, as they know the hair will turn quickly and have a more trained eye as to when the lace is ready to be rinsed. Also make sure the bleach mixture is thick, so it does not bleed through the lace, creating hot spots (brightly colored orange patches) on base of lace bleeding through to the roots of wig unit

       ●If the proper levels of peroxide and precautions are used as stated above whether new to coloring or professional, the hair WILL TAKE to color. Just as hair on the human head responds to color, Alipearl 100% human hair on the weft, wig unit, closure, frontal and extension will respond as well.

6. Incorrect use of product
       ●When too many products are used in the hair it creates product buildup which will not give optimal results for the hair. Minimal products will give optimal styling results.

7. The lace looks as if its thinning or balding in the top of unit
       This refers to the lace on a closure, frontal, or wig unit and its construction (wig composed of 2 parts, the top: ventilated lace base and bottom: wefts sewn on a stretchy base). Closures and frontals are made using ventilation technique as well. This process is done by inserting one strand at a time into the lace to create a natural look mimicking the natural growth of hair and allowing a natural flow. Also with curly hair being tighter before being shampooed, the tight curl will make the wig scalp appear thinner. Once the hair is shampooed the ventilated hairs will distribute evenly.

8. Daily maintenance
       ●Comb and brush hair daily, always keep on a mannequin head or store in a plastic bag as mentioned above.

9. Conditioning after pool water or salt water It's a must to advise customers to shampoo hair directly after coming out of any body of water. Send link provided below, they can take their pick :


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