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Dyeing Hair Attention To The Details

Most women today prefer dyeing or bleaching their hair to enhance their appearance. Bleaching can help add life to boring, lifeless and dull hair, but it is also crucial to bleach hair properly right from start to finish to get the best results. Moreover, the hair should also be in great condition for accepting the new color, or else the entire coloring process can boomerang and cause more damage to the hair or reverse the effect of bleaching. 

It is also common for women to buy hair extensions or wigs to complement their bleached hair. Having properly dyed hair also ensures that when someone uses natural color hair extensions or human hair weave, it blends well and accentuates the beauty of the wearer. Alipearl hair offers some of the best quality and wide array of straight human hair, curly and brazilian body wave, extensions and wigs such as Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian human hair, lace frontals and closures among others. 

This article aims at providing guidelines for dyeing hair, especially if someone is trying to color hair on her own at home instead of visiting a salon to get hair colored by a professional. Read on to find out the details that one should pay attention to, and what actions are prohibited while dyeing hair.

Details That One Should Pay Attention To:

So, before and while dyeing or bleaching the hair, one should focus on the following details.

Getting Expert Advice- It would help if one could make an appointment with a well-reputed and experienced hair colorist prior to coloring the hair on their own. Only a hair expert can offer one the best advice on what whether one’s hair is in the right condition for dyeing or bleaching the hair or not.

Taking Skintone Into Consideration- Again, one should consider whether the flattering hair dye color will go well with one’s skintone or will it make one appear odd. For people with pale skin, warmer color tones are advisable, while those who flaunt an olive- colored or darker skintone, cooler or ashy tones would compliment them in the best possible way. Reading the box will help one find out more about the color and whether it is suitable for their skintone or not.

Conducting Research- One should also do some research prior to opting for bleaching or dyeing the hair. One should choose the color and decide the length of time for which she wants the color to stay. These decisions will help one find the right hair color type. In case one desires to keep the color for less than 3 months, it is best to opt for temporary hair colors that are easy to wash off. 

Testing The Color- This is crucial for anyone dyeing or bleaching hair at home. One should test the color on one’s hair at least 24-48 hours prior to applying the dye or bleach on the entire head. This will help one find out if the dye or bleach contains any ingredient that the user might be allergic to. If there is no allergic reaction within the given timeframe after applying the test color, one can go ahead with the dyeing process.  Following The Instructions- When gearing up for bleaching the hair, one should follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer word by word without fail. Not only will it help get the best results, but it can also prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident. One should not leave the color or bleach for a longer time than instructed, as it might result in hair breakage, even permanently. And washing off the color before the instructed timeframe might not result in proper hair coloring. One should also rinse off the hair dye completely, as any residue on the hair might cause damage to the hair.

Contacting Professional In Case of Any Issue- In case anything does not go accordingly during the dyeing process; one must get in touch with a professional and qualified colorist immediately. This will help solve the problem, and prevent any risk of hair damage.

Actions That Should Be Prohibited:

Here are some actions that one must avoid while dyeing or bleaching the hair.

Illness Concerns- If one is losing hair due to an ailment, radiation or chemotherapy, etc. then it is best not to bleach or dye the hair. It will only stress out the tresses even more. One must wait till such time that the hair grows again and becomes healthier.

Clean Hair Dyeing- One should have the hair washed minimum 24 hours prior to bleaching or dyeing the hair. This will help in deeper penetration of the dye, and help one avoid any scalp irritation.

Start Without Tools- Tools are necessary when dyeing the hair. One should refrain from using fingers, as it might result in uneven and splotchy color. Instead one must resort to using tools like application brush, gloves, clips (for hair sectioning), and barrier cream (to keep the hairline from staining). Using these tools will help one get desired results when it comes to dyeing or bleaching the hair.

No Dyeing When Physically Injured- Dyeing the hair when there is any open wound or scalp injury can lead to disastrous results. it can aggravate the physical injury or cause major health issues, so it is best to avoid dyeing the hair in such situations.

No Dyeing Recently Relaxed Or Permed Hair- When one’s hair has been recently relaxed or permed, it might not accept the bleach. Therefore, one should wait patiently for a few weeks prior to dyeing the hair. 2 weeks is the minimum time period for which one needs to wait, but it is best to not bleach the hair until 4-6 weeks have passed. Also, one should not opt for straightening or perming the hair right after dyeing or bleaching it. One must wait for 10-12 weeks at least.

No Mixing Colors- One should not try to experiment with dyes while coloring the hair. For instance, if one has already applied permanent color recently on the hair, it is not advisable to bleach the hair. Dyes and bleaches come with separate compositions of chemicals, and if they are applied on the hair within a short time frame, chances are high that the hair will suffer from permanent damage.

In Conclusion:

It can be a tricky affair to get one’s hair bleached or dyed. Nevertheless, with the above-mentioned points, one can achieve desired hair color without causing any damage to the hair. And with shiny and healthy colored hair, it can be easy to shop for hair extensions and wigs. Visit Alipearl Hair to get access to superior quality human hair weave, Brazilian bundles, and many more different types of extensions and bundles! 

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