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Come To Pick Up The Bundles You Like!

If you want to change your hairstyle, and also worry whether the new hairstyle will be suitable for you, what should you do? Come to pick up some bundles you like! And how to choose hair bundles? Maybe you will find the answer through the following steps!

Step 1 Hair Material

In the market, there are mainly two kinds of hair material: one is true hair, the other one is man-made hair. The true hair is more expensive than man-made hair. However, in the long term, choosing true hair is a better choice. At first, wearing true hair is more comfortable, and it looks more natural. Secondly, the true hair can keep much longer time. Thirdly, the true hair is easy to wash and restyled. Our products are all 100% human hair, so why not have a try?

Step 2 Hair Style

You can choose different hair styles according to your face shape, or you can just try your favorite hair style because our product is real hair and can be straightened, curled and dyed. So even if you're not satisfied with the style you had purchased, you can find a stylist to restyle it. Now I will introduce three main types hair weft styles for you.Straightbundles

The first one is straight hair bundles. Straight hair is much easier to be took care and restyled than other hair styles. And usually straight hair can make people look more gentle!


The second one is body wave hair bundles. Body wave hair can appear mature characteristic for people and can modify face shape. In addition, it can make people younger and reveal a sexy charm!naturalwavebundles

The third one is natural wave hair bundles. This hair wave is smaller than other wave hairs. On the one hand, it can make your hair look full. On the other hand, it can make people become young and energetic! Besides, there are many kinds of hair styles that have little difference in wave with natural wave hair, including: loose wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, curly hair. Welcome to check them in our website.

Step 3 Hair Length

After you choose the hair style, you are supposed to pick up the hair length. In our website, no matter what kind of hair, normally the hair length is from 8-26 inches. And if you want to get much longer hair, we also can customize it for you. The longest length is up to 40 inch. But One thing you need to know that each bundle weights about 100 grams. The longer the hair is, the thinner the hair is. If you don’t know what length you should buy, don’t worry. Now we will show you a picture that you can make a reference to help you choose the hair length you like.


No matter what hair wave you want, Straight, Body Wave, Natural wave, Deep wave, Loose deep, Curly,... you can choose from Alipearl Hair. And no matter what length you want, they are all available in Alipearl!

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