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Can swim with a lace front wig

Swimming has many benefits, this sport can not only relieve mental stress but also helps you sleep. Regular swimming can also improve a person's resistance. Swimming is also a good choice for those who are losing weight. At present, more and more people like swimming and swimming is becoming one of the most popular sports. Meanwhile, more and more people are wearing wigs now. Sometimes you may need to swim with a lace wig for some reasons,so, can you swim with a lace wig? What should you pay attention to when swimming with a lace wig? How do you care for your hair? Please read on if you're interested.

Hair care before swimming

It is necessary for you to comb the wig and apply a layer of conditioner on the lace wig to ensure the smoothness of the hair. After the job is complete, you are better to utilize a layer of wig protectant to the hairline, head edge and wig to reduce damage to the wig.

Check the glue 

Before swimming, please check whether the glue of the lace wig is still firmly attached. If the wig falls off due to the glue, it will cause you a lot of trouble. Therefore, in order to increase the stability of the wig, you can also use wig adhesive, waterproof wig tape and wig tape to make the wig firmly adhere to the scalp and prevent the wig from falling off when swimming. Therefore, before setting off to swim, you need to  check whether the glue is still firmly attached to the wig, or whether the lace is loose, and whether there are signs of falling off. If the confirmation is correct, then you can go for a swim with confidence!

Hide your hair in a swimming cap 

Because the water in the swimming pool is not particularly clean, and in order to clean the swimming pool, the cleaners often sprinkle chlorine-containing solvents into the water, which will affect the quality and service life of the wig. Pool cleaners sometimes sprinkle salt into the pool. Salt will make the hair dry and frizzy, and make the wig lose its original gloss and suppleness. Therefore, it is very necessary to swim with a swimming cap when swimming!

If your wig is short hair like short bob, it is very convenient to stuff the wig into the swimming cap; if our wig is long wavy hair, you can braid the wig into a loose hemp braid; if your wig is long straight hair , you can tie your hair into a high ponytail and tuck your hair into the swimming cap. In conclusion, make sure the swimming cap covers the entire head, including the hair fringes, and you do your best to avoid direct contact of your wig with the pool water.

Things to Avoid

Although you have checked the glue of the wig, in the water, you still need to avoid diving, jumping in the water, etc. Because diving needs to soak the head underwater for a long time, it is easy to make the glue of the wig fall off. Similarly, the action of jumping into the water is very Intensive and the pressure of the jump can easily tear the wig from the head . You don't Want to feel embarrasses while you're having a good time.

Wash your hair promptly after swimming

Although protected by a swimming cap, your wig will inevitably be affected by dirty water. Therefore, after swimming, you need to clean the wig in time. You need to put the wig in water at about 15°C, then mix the shampoo with water evenly, and soak the wig in the water containing the shampoo for about 5 minutes. Gently rub the wig with your hands to remove the dirt in the wig, then rinse the wig with clean water, so that the wig is clean!


After washing the wig, roughly wipe it with a towel, and then you can use the conditioner. After applying the conditioner wait for about 5 minutes, and then wash it off with water. Next, you can wrap the wig with a large towel, squeeze out the moisture by squeezing, and then place the wig in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. You'd better avoid direct exposure of the wig to the sun. It will be extremely dry off when it is exposed to the sun too long You should also try to avoid using a high-power hot hair dryer to blow the wig, because it is easy to damage the scales in the wig. Dry wigs lose moisture and make hair tangles worse.

Seeing this, you already know the answer to whether you can swim with a wig. If you have any other questions or do not understand about wigs, please leave a message under our Alipearl blog. We will actively answer your questions and reduce your doubts , make the wig wear more smoothly. This is alipearl, see you next time!


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