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Alipearl Hair's Innovative New Wigs: 4 by 7 Wig and 5 by 9 Wig

Alipearl Hair committed to the production of high quality, the texture of materials and variety of colors together with the complete sizes, exceptional customer service, and preferential price, deeply foreign general consumer's affection and faith. This year, they launched two revolutionary wigs: the 4 by 7 Wig and the 5 by 9 Wig. These innovative creations offer enhanced versatility and style options for wig consumers.

Alipearl Hair's latest products, 4 by 7 wig and 5 by 9 wig, setting off a great wave of wig industry. These wigs offer unique features that set them apart from their predecessors.

The 4 by 7 Wig

Differences: 4 by 7 Wig vs. 4 by 4 Wig

When comparing 4 by 7 wig with the 4 by 4 wig, a big part of that difference is the lace area. The 4 by 4 Wig typically features a 4 inches lace area all around, whereas the 4 by 7 Wig introduces an extended lace area. With 4 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back, so 4 by 7 Wig offers a larger lace coverage.

Advantages of 4 by 7 Wig:

Versatile Styling: The increased lace area of 4 by 7 Wig allows for versatility styling. It enables deep side parts, updos, and ponytails while maintaining a seamless and natural appearance.

Comfort and Breathability: The additional lace coverage in the 4 by 7 wig promotes improved ventilation and breathability, ensuring a comfortable experience for the wearers.

The 5 by 9 Wig

Advantages of the 5 by 9 Wig:

Seamless and Natural Hairline: This wig enables seamless parting and styling in various directions, ensuring a flawless blend with the wearer's natural hair. Whether one prefers a middle part, a side part, or even multiple partings, the 5 by 9 wig provides the flexibility to achieve their desired look effortlessly.

Enhanced Styling Options: With the extended lace dimensions of the 5 by 9 wig, wearers can embrace a broader range of styling options. This wig offers greater creativity and customization, empowering individuals to express their unique style with ease.

In addition to their remarkable new wig releases, Alipearl Hair is thrilled to announce their BRAND DAY SALE event. This event is designed to give an opportunity to consumers experience the excellence Alipearl Hair at discounted prices. Whether customers are looking to upgrade their wig collection, try a new hairstyle, or simply indulge in high-quality hair products.

With the introduction of the 4 by 7 Wig and 5 by 9 Wig, Alipearl Hair will continue to push boundaries and exceed customer expectations. These wigs allow wearers to achieve their desire, to look effortlessly.


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