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5 Trendiest Hair Colors for Summer 2024

As the temperatures rise, the search for the perfect summer hair colors heats up. Whether you're aiming for a fresh, light look, a bold, dark statement, or something in between, this season offers an abundance of options.

1. Sun-Kissed Blonde

Photo courtesy of @beyonce

Warm blonde hair, echoing the sun's golden glow, is poised to be a favorite for Summer 2024—a shift from the icy platinum blondes of winter. This color choice enhances hair with a beautiful dimension, whether applied as an all-over shade or through highlights. Its warm tones harmonize effortlessly with your natural base color, making it a versatile and flattering option for the season.

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2. Hazelnut Latte

Photo courtesy of @dimitrishair

Bob haircut is currently trending upwards, as noted by hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos. Paired perfectly with this trend is the "hazelnut latte" hair color—a bronde shade (midway between brunette and blonde) with cool, slightly milky highlights. It's both dimensional and low-maintenance.

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3. Expensive Brunette

Photo courtesy of @glamcatt

“I want my hair to look expensive”. The “expensive brunette” has emerged as one of the top hair color trends for 2024. Despite its name, “expensive brunette” is surprisingly low maintenance. Unlike blonde or red hair, which often need frequent upkeep, brown tones are easier to maintain. These warm, comforting tones convey a sense of luxury. Spanning a spectrum of brunette shades, from warm hazelnut to rich dark chocolate, the trend highlights a focus on achieving a glossy finish and maintaining overall hair health.

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4. Baby Pink

Photo courtesy of @nickiminaj

Is there any shade that evokes sunny breezes more than the warm, sepia-touched hue of baby pink? Pink hair is a major trend this summer, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, Ciara, and Nicki Minaj embracing the look. Perhaps this resurgence taps into the nostalgia of 2023's "Barbie" pink craze, or maybe its enduring appeal lies in its versatility. Whatever the reason for its timely return, we're absolutely captivated by baby pink locks and the endless ways to flaunt them.

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5. Cowboy Copper

Photo courtesy of @dimitrishair

Cowboy Copper is one of the most popular hair color trends in 2024. Known for its warm, vibrant blend of earthy copper tones with rustic red highlights, Cowboy Copper is inspired by Western landscapes. This shade adds a multidimensional glow similar to the captivating light of sunset, offering a stylish departure from traditional reds. Another reason that makes Cowboy Copper so popular is that it is a universally flattering shade that complements all hair types, textures, and a wide range of skin tones beautifully.

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