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How To Detangle 250% Density Human Hair Wigs

       When wearing a wig in daily life, we often encounter some hair tangles. There are many reasons for the tangles, such as improper care, poor hair quality, and so on. If our wig is 250% density, we will find it easier to tangles, because 250% density human hair wigs is really much hair more than any other wigs, it will be thicker, which requires us to spend more time and more careful to take care of it. At this time, it is very important to detangle the wig, It is the key to keep the wig in the best condition for as long as possible. If we can use the correct method to detangle the wig, our wig will return to its original appearance. Here are some tips about detangling the 250% density human hair wigs:

1.Please use the conditioner place on the hand and take small batch hair to detangle the hair first, please do not use any water; you could use the morocco oil too, we need to do is to detangle the hair patiently a little bit, comb through the hair with your fingers, but work slowly and gently until the tangles are removed.

2.Please after detangling all the tangle hair, please use moisturizing shampoo to wash the wig twice, and then use the conditioner on the hair in 2 minutes and wash again. (Please use tap cold water only)

3.If your wig is straight hair wig, we need to do one more step. Place a dome conditioner and spread it on the wig from the middle to the bottom, and put it into a fresh-kept bags into the microwave oven warm for 1 minute and turn it off and leave the wig inside for 15 minutes, and then take it off and wash it totally.

4.Rinse the conditioner off the wig with cool water. Water should appear clear after rinsing.

5.Using a clean towel, blot the wigs dry. For curly bundles scrunch the hair from the ends to the track. This will help keep the curl defined.

6.Leave the hair on the dry surface and let it air dry totally, if you see on the top dry out please place the wig to the other side.

7.After the wig dry totally, starting from the bottom of the wig, comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb.DO NOT brush your wig with a normal brush! Get a specific wig wide tooth comb.

       After the above steps, you will see the hair wig much smooth, shiny and get very good look and much much less shedding.

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